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Synechococcus sp. CC9311 (54 genes ) TXT SET

sync_0030 Gene product thiamine-monophosphate kinase
sync_0075 Gene product asparate kinase, monofunctional class
sync_0103 Gene product Sugar kinase, ribokinase family protein
sync_0104 Gene product probable sugar kinase YPO1816 , putative
sync_0122 Gene product serine/threonine protein kinase
sync_0230 Gene product Selenide,water dikinase
sync_0249 Gene product 2-amino-4-hydroxy-6-hydroxymethyldihydropteridine pyrophosphokinase
sync_0263 Gene product two component sensor histidine kinase, putative
sync_0281 Gene product phosphorylase kinase alpha chain
sync_0286 Gene product two-component sensor histidine kinase
sync_0418 Gene product adenylate kinase
sync_0449 Gene product fructosamine kinase family protein
sync_0464 Gene product sensor histidine kinase
sync_0483 Gene product pantoate--beta-alanine ligase/cytidylate kinase
sync_0528 Gene product Carbohydrate kinase, FGGY family protein
sync_0569 Gene product Glycerol kinase
sync_0668 Gene product two component sensor histidine kinase, putative
sync_0675 Gene product sensor histidine kinase
sync_0706 Gene product sensor histidine kinase
sync_0760 Gene product carbohydrate kinase family protein
sync_0806 Gene product ATP-NAD kinase
sync_0932 Gene product sensor kinase CpxA, putative
sync_1006 Gene product adaptive-response sensory histidine kinase SasA
sync_1011 Gene product ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase
sync_1079 Gene product sensory box histidine kinase/response regulator
sync_1133 Gene product histidine protein kinase; sensor protein
sync_1233 Gene product two-component sensor histidine kinase
sync_1318 Gene product Phosphoribulokinase/uridine kinase family enzyme
sync_1327 Gene product Adenosyl cobinamide kinase/adenosyl cobinamide phosphate guanylyltransferase
sync_1386 Gene product glucokinase regulator homolog
sync_1415 Gene product pyruvate kinase
sync_1593 Gene product 4-diphosphocytidyl-2C-methyl-D-erythritol kinase
sync_1595 Gene product Possible phosphoribulokinase/uridine kinase family protein
sync_1711 Gene product phosphoribulokinase
sync_1714 Gene product glutamate 5-kinase
sync_1854 Gene product possible pfkB family carbohydrate kinase
sync_1868 Gene product glucokinase
sync_1869 Gene product homoserine kinase
sync_1871 Gene product Phosphofructokinase:Peptidase family M3
sync_1879 Gene product ROK family sugar kinase
sync_2004 Gene product uridylate kinase
sync_2024 Gene product Possible carbohydrate kinase
sync_2029 Gene product acetylglutamate kinase
sync_2153 Gene product guanylate kinase, putative
sync_2219 Gene product sensory box histidine kinase
sync_2543 Gene product undecaprenol kinase, putative
sync_2557 Gene product shikimate kinase
sync_2593 Gene product thymidylate kinase
sync_2636 Gene product adenylylsulfate kinase
sync_2662 Gene product diacylglycerol kinase
sync_2709 Gene product phosphoglycerate kinase
sync_2737 Gene product dephospho-CoA kinase
sync_2741 Gene product nucleoside diphosphate kinase
sync_2906 Gene product polyphosphate kinase

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ColumnDescription and example
1Data Source Namec.f. Synechocystis
2Gene IDc.f. slr1311
3Category nameone of gene_symbol, gi_gname, definition, function, goterm, interpro, blast_hits and 'Gene and Mutants'.
4DescriptionFree text
ColumnDescription and example
1Gene IDc.f. slr1311