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Prochlorococcus marinus str. MIT 9312 (45 genes ) TXT SET

PMT9312_0024 Gene product Thiamine-phosphate kinase
PMT9312_0047 Gene product nucleoside diphosphate kinase
PMT9312_0050 Gene product Dephospho-CoA kinase
PMT9312_0111 Gene product shikimate kinase
PMT9312_0132 Gene product thymidylate kinase
PMT9312_0158 Gene product NAD(+) kinase
PMT9312_0168 Gene product adenylylsulfate kinase
PMT9312_0185 Gene product diacylglycerol kinase
PMT9312_0197 Gene product phosphoglycerate kinase
PMT9312_0211 Gene product kinase-like protein
PMT9312_0271 Gene product histidine kinase
PMT9312_0289 Gene product 2-amino-4-hydroxy-6- hydroxymethyldihydropteridine pyrophosphokinase
PMT9312_0304 Gene product selenide, water dikinase
PMT9312_0316 Gene product carbohydrate kinase, FGGY family
PMT9312_0362 Gene product Phosphomethylpyrimidine kinase
PMT9312_0365 Gene product phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase-like protein
PMT9312_0467 Gene product guanylate kinase
PMT9312_0500 Gene product N-acetylglutamate kinase
PMT9312_0506 Gene product carbohydrate kinase-like protein
PMT9312_0522 Gene product uridylate kinase
PMT9312_0595 Gene product homoserine kinase
PMT9312_0596 Gene product glucokinase
PMT9312_0718 Gene product histidine kinase
PMT9312_0793 Gene product Phosphoribulokinase
PMT9312_0796 Gene product glutamate 5-kinase
PMT9312_0867 Gene product 4-diphosphocytidyl-2-C-methyl-D-erythritol kinase
PMT9312_0877 Gene product putative anti-sigma regulatory factor (serine/threonine protein kinase)
PMT9312_0888 Gene product pyruvate kinase
PMT9312_0938 Gene product adenosylcobinamide kinase
PMT9312_0962 Gene product nucleoside diphosphate kinase-like protein
PMT9312_0995 Gene product uridine kinase
PMT9312_1055 Gene product PfkB family carbohydrate kinase-like protein
PMT9312_1088 Gene product histidine kinase
PMT9312_1091 Gene product ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase
PMT9312_1094 Gene product kinase-like protein
PMT9312_1363 Gene product NAD(+) kinase
PMT9312_1367 Gene product FMN adenylyltransferase / riboflavin kinase
PMT9312_1439 Gene product multi-sensor signal transduction histidine kinase
PMT9312_1631 Gene product Adenylate kinase
PMT9312_1671 Gene product signal transduction histidine kinase
PMT9312_1682 Gene product cytidylate kinase
PMT9312_1720 Gene product putative carbohydrate kinase
PMT9312_1740 Gene product aspartate kinase
PMT9312_1789 Gene product Polyphosphate kinase
PMT9312_1806 Gene product protein kinase-like protein

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ColumnDescription and example
1Data Source Namec.f. Synechocystis
2Gene IDc.f. slr1311
3Category nameone of gene_symbol, gi_gname, definition, function, goterm, interpro, blast_hits and 'Gene and Mutants'.
4DescriptionFree text
ColumnDescription and example
1Gene IDc.f. slr1311