Klebsormidium Similarity Search (Genomes)

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  • BLASTN - search genome DNA sequence(s) using nucleotide query.
  • TBLASTN - search translated genome DNA sequence(s) using a protein query.


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The statistical significance threshold for reporting matches against database sequences. Lower EXPECT thresholds are more stringent. (Example for higher stringency: 1E-5 or 1E-100, lower stringency: 100 or 1000) (-e)
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Number of database sequences to show one-line descriptions for (V)
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(*) Sequences collected from Genbank

This database is compiled from sequences of bacteria to be of 3 Family (Bradyrhizobiaceae, Phyllobacteriaceae, Rhizobiaceae) and of 5 Genus (Methylobacterium, Azorhizobium, Devosia, Burkholderia, Ralstonia), containing the leguminous bacteria.

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